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Weeding Techniques

Hand weed mixed borders and use a hoe to clear annual weeds from bare soil between plants. Perennial weeds can be removed by hand where practicable or killed with a spot treatment weed killer. Large weeds are easier to treat with a glyph sate based, ready to use spray, but cover all nearby ornamental plants with a plastic sheet before spraying and leave the sheet in  Buy Weed Online  position until the spray is dry. For lawns, remove isolated weeds by hand using an old knife or a special weeding tool. Alternatively, kill them using a spot weed killer.

If the weed problem is more widespread, it is more efficient to use a specially formulated lawn weed killer. Where moss is also a problem it is a good idea to use a combined moss and weed killer treatment in spring. In patio and paths, remove individual weeds by hand using an old knife or a special weeding tool. Alternatively, kill them with a spot weed killer. Where the problem is really widespread you need to use a path weed killer, which will kill existing weeds and prevent further weed problems for the rest of the year. Buy Weed Online

If there are no ornamental plants, dig over the entire area, hand weeding as you go. If this is not practicable, remove all the top growth and cover the area with black plastic or old carpet for a few years. A glyph sate based weed killer is another option. Stubborn weeds, such as bramble, may need several applications, or you could use the more potent chemical, sodium chlorate, although you will not be able to plant the treated area for at least six weeks afterwards. Deep rooted perennial weeds that have long, penetrating roots are best forked up. Loosen the roots with a fork, and hold the stem close to its base as you pull up the whole plant. Weed Strains

If you do not get the entire root out, the plant may re-grow. Hoeing is one of the best forms of annual weed control, but it needs to be done fairly regularly. Slice the weeds off just beneath the soil, preferably when the soil is dry. Keep beds and borders as well as the vegetable garden hoed throughout the growing season. Contact chemical weed killers are useful if you need to clear an area of ground quickly and easily. Some types, which normally kill only the top growth, so are better for annuals than problem perennial weeds, leave the area safe to replant after a day. Order Weed online


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